Stakrn adds new Advisory Board Member

Stakrn, the French gaming and esports company, has today announced the arrival of John Armstrong to its Advisory Board, as it looks to pursue a period of international growth. 

John Armstrong, Stakrn

With ‘a global focus on B2B services’, Stakrn has been supported since its inception by Christophe Carniel (Co-founder and CEO at Vogo) and Samy Ouerfelli (Managing Director France at Turtle Entertainment).

Stakrn breaks down its work in the space into three categories; as a business hub, as an agency helping teams and players with sponsorship and via the organisation of industry events.

Armstrong has now become the latest member of the board and will bring with him a wealth of experience having worked in the mobile and video game industry since the turn of the millennium. Currently he’s Director of the World Gaming Executives network and a BDM Consultant to the games industry. He also runs the Esports Business Group on Linkedin.

John Armstrong commented: “The amount of hard work that Boris and his team at Stakrn have invested is clear for all to see. Stakrn’s members and partners are some of the most recognisable brands in esports, which I believe is an indicator of the confidence they have in what Stakrn can achieve as a company and in terms of how Stakrn can assist interested parties enter the esports space.

“I am extremely pleased to be joining Stakrn as an Advisory Board member and intend to help both Stakrn and their clients find the best partners and solutions to optimise their business potential.” 

Esports Insider says: John Armstrong will add a new arm, and notable level of experience and array of industry contacts, to Stakrn as it looks to push on and expand. We’ll be keen to see what emerges from the French company especially in regards to industry events of which we have seen a number crop up in the past twelve months.