The Team

Sam Cooke, Editor-in-Chief 

Having launched Esports Insider in the summer of 2016 and tracked down the editorial dream team, it is now one of the top sources of esports business news globally.

Esports Insider is also a leader in B2B esports focused events with the ESI Forum Series, the ESI Super Forum and the upcoming ESI London. 

Considerably worse at FIFA than he believes or states, and worse still at all other games.


Twitter: @sam_s_cooke

Mark Mantle, Commercial Manager 

Mark has been in and around esports since the early 2000s. 
It all kicked off when he used to compete and deliver LAN events in the south of France. He has dabbled in corporate management in the Aeronautics and Telecoms industries but always spends his free time finding ways to promote and stabilise the esports grass roots.
Twitter: @_ESI_Mark


Michael Moriarty, Journalist MichaelMoriartyESI#2

A freelance writer with a passion for esports.

After encountering the dangerous world of esports in mid 2015, and having worked for some of the largest names in the industry, he’s so far been unable to get out. Send help.


Twitter: @DuckMoriarty

Jacob Hale, Journalist 

Jacob is an esports journalist who discovered his passion in 2015 with the Call of Duty World Championships. He’s more knowledgeable across the board than his console status suggests, but unfortunately can’t transfer that knowledge to in-game ability.


Twitter: @JakeHaleee

Adam Fitch, Journalist 

Joining Esports Insider in January 2018, Adam’s rapidly gaining experience in esports journalism. He used to constantly write about comic books, movies, and television – now though, esports is his main interest and focus.

Being introduced to competitive gaming during Call of Duty 4, Adam’s a self-proclaimed FPS master and isn’t (too) afraid to prove it.


Twitter: @byadamfitch

Cody Luongo, Journalist 

Before kicking off his professional career as an esports journalist in 2016, Cody was a player first; competing in local Halo tournaments throughout his life and finding a deep fascination in the high skill-ceiling inclusive of professional games.
Eagerly awaiting his opportunity to fly out to London to be crowned the Halo 2 champion amongst the editorial team at Esports Insider.
Twitter: @Luongo_Pro