The Team

Sam Cooke, Editor Version 3

Sam has been managing esports for SBC News and Events since early 2015.

Having launched the site and tracked down the editorial dream team, he’s looking to ensure ESI becomes everybody’s number one source of esports industry news.

Considerably worse at FIFA than he believes or states, and worse still at Overwatch.


Twitter: @sam_s_cooke

Oliver Ring, Content Manager OllieRingESI

Ollie is a man who used to ply his trade in the world of tax, working for both KPMG and GlaxoSmithKline before deciding there was more to life than Excel.

Ollie has written about esports for what seems like a lifetime and although a well-rounded aficionado, his true specialism lies in Valve’s title Dota 2.


Twitter: @olliering

Michael Moriarty, Journalist MichaelMoriartyESI#2

A freelance writer with a passion for esports.

After encountering the dangerous world of esports in mid 2015, and having worked for some of the largest names in the industry, he’s so far been unable to get out. Send help.


Twitter: @DuckMoriarty

Jay Massaad, Journalist 

Equipped with more curiosity than sense and fuelled by a drive to succeed in the industry he loves, Jay Massaad’s been enamoured with esports since the glory days of Worms 2.

Now an avid League of Legends fan, he’s been thrilled to contribute to the scene’s growth through content management for the National University Esports League under the guise of Potshot.

Twitter: @Jay_Massaad