Fnatic and Deezer singing off the same hymn sheet

London based esports organisation Fnatic has signed a new partnership with music streaming service Deezer.

Fnatic’s first-ever music partnership will give fans of the organisation the chance to connect with their favourite players and see the music they’re listening to. Fnatic’s team members will have the chance to connect with fans in real time, sharing all of their personal playlists across Europe. Is Rekkles a huge Tina Turner fan? Does Febby get hyped up pre-match to the tune of Stormzy? Now enthusiasts will be able to find out.

In addition to the aforementioned playlist sharing, Fnatic players will be able to use Deezer’s feature “Flow” which uses data and algorithms as well as personal music recommendations from folk in the music industry.

The partnership is one of the first between a brand involved in music and an esports organisation. It comes as no surprise, as a 2008 report suggests that 80% of gamers play games whilst listening to music.

Ralph Pighin, Vice President Central & Eastern Europe of Deezer stated: “As a majority of Fnatic fans already listen to music whilst gaming, Deezer is the perfect community platform for gamers who want to combine their love of gaming as well as their favourite songs, giving music lovers an opportunity to also discover their Flow”.

Wouter Sleijffers, CEO, Fnatic commented: “We’re extremely excited to enter into a partnership with Deezer, a leading and innovative music streaming service. Music makes an important part of everyone’s life and so is gaming for our massive fanbase. Deezer’s passion for music makes it a perfect fit for Fnatic. Our partnership enables us to enhance the experience of Fnatic and esports fans alike and will see us breaking new grounds in esports partnerships”.

Esports Insider says: A new and exciting partnership for Fnatic. There’s always a sense of intrigue around players and their mannerisms and fans don’t always have a decent level of accessibility to their idols. Now, with this partnership, fans may well be able to see just what their favourite players most played tunes are. We wonder if there’ll be any surprises?