Monster Energy is the new main sponsor of Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere announced late last week that Monster Energy will be its new headline sponsor.

Monster Energy is a brand widely known in esports, having been involved with some of the industry’s largest organisations including Team Liquid, Fnatic and Team EnVyUs. Now though, for the first time, it becomes the main partner of European powerhouses Natus Vincere.

In its announcement, Natus Vincere stated that their fans will be getting “tons of luscious and inspirational videos” due to the brand’s special approach to its content. Monster Energy has started to ramp up its own content portal in the last year and looks set to have a big 2018 in this regard.

Natus Vincere CEO Yevhen Zolotarov stated: “We sincerely believe that this cooperation will energize the team and inspire us for some great victories. NAVI and Monster have a lot in common — we are maximalists and do not want to settle for less. We hope that this partnership will be as bright and breathtaking as the brand Monster itself!”

Na’Vi currently host teams in nine esport titles, including League of Legends, Dota 2 and FIFA 18 and will hope that Monster’s philosophy to “inspire young people to live life to the extreme” can accumulate more interest from those both within esports and outside it, acquiring Monster Energy’s substantial dedicated consumer base as fans along the way.

The Natus Vincere Paladins team competed over the weekend at the Paladins World Championship, one of the headline components of this year’s Hi-Rez Expo. The Na’Vi squad came away world champions which is undoubtedly a cracking start to the partnership.

Esports Insider says: Monster Energy has been involved with esports for as long as we can remember. The company has been constant stalwarts in the industry and to see them partnering with yet another huge name is only positive news.