Halo Championship Series’ Grassroots program bolstered by two new partnerships

Halo Championship Series (HCS) has just announced community tournament organisers, Europa Halo and Greater Toronto Halo (GTHalo), as the latest partners of the company’s Grassroots initiative.

Image Credit: Halo Waypoint

Six months ago the HCS Grassroots program was launched in an effort to bolster the community that supports legacy-franchise, Halo. In that time, HCS has partnered with streamers, professional players, tournament organisers and content creators to help revitalise a game which once sported a bustling competitive district.

Benefits of being inducted into the Grassroots program include in-game cosmetics such as weapon skins and nameplates up for distribution as well as in some cases, financial backing for larger LAN events with sizable prize pools.

In hopes of spurring a competitive battleground for Halo in Europe, Europa Halo has worked to facilitate and manage online tournaments in the space for over two years now; at the time of announcing its link to HCS Grassroots, Europa Halo has six tournaments lined up through October.

Image Credit: Halo Waypoint

As for GTHalo, the group has been organising LAN tournaments for over ten years; furnishing competition and content creation around Canada’s player base while supporting those native to the region in any way possible. HCS said only fond things about the Toronto-based tournament organisers in their announcement: “Their impact thus far has been immense, and they’ve also begun inspiring other city-based communities to form within North America.”

Esports Insider says:  In the early 2000s, Halo’s competitive division had experienced a tremendous amount of prosperity, welcoming in brands such as Red Bull, Dr Pepper and BIC in deals considered to be light years ahead of their time. Though the franchise has had trouble emulating that same success, programs like HCS Grassroots aim to rebuild a community that was once at the forefront of esports.

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