Five reasons you won’t want to miss ESI London

Esports Insider’s flagship event, ESI London, is right around the corner. The two-day business forum will take place on September 16-17th at the renowned Twickenham Stadium, the home of English Rugby.

More than 400 industry delegates from across 30 countries will meet to discuss the business at large, promising a clash of esports’ most innovative members through an action-packed programme. Expect to learn where the industry stands, where it’s going, and how we all collectively shape it. Not quite persuaded, yet? Here are five reasons why you should book your tickets before it’s too late.

ESI London

The speakers

At best, business forums are a way for the most innovative thinkers and uprising community members to meet, discuss, and support one another for the greater good of the industry. Here at Esports Insider, we are incredibly pleased to say we support that inventiveness and have crafted ESI London around that exact concept.

Our star-studded cast of speakers and panelists through the event includes:

  • Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality
  • Ian Smith, Integrity Commissioner of ESIC
  • Anna Baumann, Managing Director and General Counsel of GoingRogueGG
  • Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, CEO & Founder of Kinguin
  • Robert Douek, President of RFRSH Entertainment
  • Jamie MacLaurin, Team Manager of Alfa Romeo Racing F1 Esports
  • Ben Woodward, Co-founder of Code Red Esports
  • Patrick Mahoney, CEO of We Are Nations

The above list offers only a snapshot of the credible and pioneering speakers attending this year’s ESI London – you can also check out the full agenda and line-up here!

Our speakers and attendees are the lifeblood of our events. Learn from the industry’s most recognised leaders as well as get the first take of those steadily rising up the pipeline. The two networking after-parties will ensure plenty of opportunities to connect with industry greats and even enjoy a cocktail as you discuss and explore the next big innovation in esports.

For sponsorship opportunities or any questions, please contact a member of the team or email [email protected]

The schedule

As our flagship event, we’ve doubled down on providing the most comprehensive agenda the industry has to offer. ESI London’s programme brings forth a fully-encompassing experience for our attendees while still providing hyper-specific debates and dialogue.

The first day will take sharp looks at the current outlook of the professional gaming industry alongside future projections and speculations of where it’s headed. On this day, we’ll explore the traditional sports industry versus our own – where they may align and in what ways they will grow to be different.

The second day features an afternoon led by Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) after a morning with a focal point of investment areas and influential marketing strategies. On the ESIC track you can expect to hear regulatory updates on integrity in esports across the globe as well as a deep dive on the growing esports betting market. 

The location

The Twickenham Stadium won’t only serve as the world’s largest dedicated rugby union venue alongside being London’s leading entertainment space – it will house a collection of groundbreaking discussions and, of course, unparalleled matchmaking opportunities. It just so happens to be the home of Excel Esports now too, proving that esports is becoming something that can’t be ignored.

Twickenham Stadium

Located in South West London, Twickenham Stadium boasts a rich history spanning back over a century since being built in 1909. John Bradley’s architectural brilliance was considered lightyears ahead of its time, and through its history, the arena has hosted some of London’s most fabled events such as the 1991 Rugby World Cup Final. And on September 16-17th, the Twickenham Stadium will host another distinguished function.

Download the full agenda here

The Clutch

At ESI London, we’ll be debuting the first iteration of The Clutch – a first-of-its-kind platform for venture capitalists to be paired with the next big esports endeavour, done the right way.

Esports start-ups that have qualified for The Clutch will take the floor in front of esteemed investors to pitch the next revolutionary idea or company. All done within a narrow four minute window to which after that, the mics are cut – better bring your A game. By the end of the day, the best pitch will be awarded the inaugural The Clutch trophy, and perhaps a big investment.

Learn more about The Clutch here

Food and drinks to die for

If we’ve learned one thing in our event endeavors, it’s that if you want to keep your attendees happy and engaged, you need to keep them well fed and hydrated! We encourage all of our guests to come with an appetite because ESI London will offer constant rotations of exquisite hors d’oeuvres to ward your hunger and keep you focused on the discussions at hand.

Whether you fancy a finely crafted brew, flawlessly prepared cocktail, or a delicate glass of wine – we’ll have it all within an arm’s reach. And who knows, you might just be tipping glasses with your next business venture partner.

All in all, ESI London surely won’t be an event to miss. Whether you’re local or travelling from abroad – we promise to furnish the best experience for our speakers and attendees, all the while giving those at the Twickenham Stadium the opportunity to make their mark on the industry.

To secure your tickets while you can, or to find more information, visit our main event page