May 24th ⋅ Arena Birmingham ⋅ Foundry

Kicking off just one day before the quarter-finals of ESL One Birmingham, Esports Insider Birmingham is a one day esports business symposium, in partnership with ESL UK, Intel, PwC and the NEC Group. Simply put, an exclusive esports business conference focusing on showcasing the esports industry and the opportunities within it, taking place on the  24th May at Arena Birmingham – Foundry.

This inaugural edition and first of its kind event, brought to you by Esports Insider and presented by ESL UK will grant you access to respected and key industry leaders with sole aim to explain to you, why 2018 is the year to get into esports. But that’s not all.

Following a long day of panels and keynotes, and to keep up the tradition, it is our pleasure to keep you well hydrated for your entertainment and networking needs.

After a night’s rest, we will open the doors for you to the first Dota 2 Major here in the United Kingdom.
Yes, that’s right, the already sold out ESL One Birmingham.

Tickets include Guest access to ESL One Birmingham, and a backstage tour too!

Incredibly high profile and with limited availability, we recommend you grab your ticket right away.


  • Pre-Major-Opening and Early registration for guests + press
  • 4 Panels
  • 2 Keynotes (Intel + ESL) + (PwC)
  • Networking Lunch buffet on site – Courtesy of the NEC Group
  • Live digital Q&A
  • Questionnaire – Giveaway
  • Community, the lifeblood of all things gaming
  • Keynote – ESL UK + Intel
  • UK Esports, a land of opportunity
  • Elusive yet highly interactive, understanding the esports demographic
  • Keynote – PwC
  • Where is the revenue?
  • Pre-conference opening with coffee and pastries
  • During breaks between Keynote and panels
  • Drinks and give way after final panel
  • Lunch onsite with speakers and guests
  • Networking drinks


09:00 – 10:15

Doors Open
Guest Reception and Warmup

10:15 – 11:00

Community, the lifeblood of all things gaming:

Where did esports come from and why is it still around today? A deep dive look into what and who makes all this possible. And ecosystem propelled by competition and community.

11:00 – 11:45

Keynote – ESL UK & INTEL UK:

Together as One – Understand the ins and outs of the partnership, where it’s going and how instrumental it has been in shaping current UK esports.


11:45 – 12:00



12:00 – 12:45

UK Esports, a land of opportunity:

A look into the current UK structure and systems it has in place to enable localised esport activations and events, from meet ups to gaming houses, lans, stadiums and even convention centers.

12:45 – 14:00


Refreshments courtesy of the NEC Group

14:00 – 14:45

Elusive yet highly interactive, understanding the esports demographic:

It’s not just rights owners and players, fans from all over the world watch and participate in some way or form. Find out who they are and how to interact with them.

14:45 – 15:30

Keynote – PwC:

A perspective on the esports industry with representatives from the UK, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden.


15:30 – 15:45


15:45 – 16:30

Where is the revenue?

Marketing, advertising, VC and sponsorships are the bedrock of esports, but just how to see a return in short medium long run is key to unlocking the next billion dollars in esports.

16:30 – Late

Networking Drinks

Grosvenor Casino, Birmingham


Roy Meredith WMGC
Mathew Kemp
Jon Tilbury NSE
Jurre Pannekeet
James Dean
Heather Dower
Dr Florian Block
Dan Matson
Ben Woodward
Chris Murphy Square Enix
Chris Archambault Jagex
Morgan Furby PwC
Mette Muller PwC
Clive Reeves PwC
Adam Edelshain PwC
Andrew Fahey PwC
Jon Winkle epicLAN


Arena Birmingham - Entrance A - Foundry

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