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Networking | Education | Debate | Play
Networking | Education | Debate | Play


Our flagship ESI London show made a triumphant return to the physical events space in 2021, and for 2022, we’re committed to making it even bigger and even better.

Our usual concoction of the very best networking, education,content and hospitality will return to the UK’s capital, with some more surprises in-store.

With full details to be revealed in due course, ESI London 2022 will be our largest and most ambitious event yet, as we continue to listen to feedback, push the boundaries, and ultimatel deliver the most memorable and valuable industry events we can.


MEET fellow attendees from multiple industries in and around esports and gaming 

PLAY as ESI offers new and exciting ways to capitalise on your networking time at our events

Private dinners, socials and more will also be part of the package as we look to make the most of being in London – details to follow!


ESI London will commence with a series of sessions focusing on commercialisation – both how it’s been done well to date, and the myriad opportunities the space continues to present to current and new actors.

Later in the day the focus will be on investment – both existing opportunities and ROI – before presenting the 2022 edition of our popular esports live pitch competition, The Clutch.

The second day of the show will feature sessions exploring the intersection of esports and the betting industry in 2022, along with discussions surrounding community and diversity as well as deep dives, insights and debates in regards to some of the many esports ecosystems – their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities and key points of divergence.



For now please enquire via [email protected] or any member of the Esports Insider team to find out more about tickets and secure your passes. We will have registration options implemented as usual for each event early in 2022!

Whilst we’d love to live in a world where we don’t have to worry about COVID, that is unfortunately not the case. Please rest assured that the ESI team continues to track the progress of the virus and its many variants, and should it cause us to have to cancel our event, or it prevents your attendance, we will offer refunds to all attendees.

We will also institute rules and guidelines for attendees in the run up to the event to ensure that, should the pandemic be a factor in London we are prepared to mitigate any risk to which they are exposed.