ESI Birmingham 2018 – Why you should attend

Our very own ESI Birmingham (Thursday May 24th) is set to take place only one day before the quarter-finals of ESL One Birmingham, and it’s shaping up to be an absolutely-do-not-miss-this-one event.

In partnership with ESL UK, Intel, NEC Group and PwC, this exclusive conference delves into the esports industry and the opportunities that are available because of it.

ESI Birmingham will take place on May 24th at the Arena Birmingham and will see a whole host of key figures in the industry in attendance to explain why this is the year to get into esports. Not only will your ticket give you access to the minds of these industry leaders, you will receive guest access to the UK’s first Major; ESL One Birmingham – including a backstage tour!

Jon Winkle, epicLAN

Don’t just take it from us, though, here’s what Jon Winkle, Managing of epic.LAN had to say about the upcoming conference: “The ESI Birmingham event really does kick off what is shaping up to be a great year of esports in the UK, featuring multiple international level events across a range of popular titles.

As a grassroots provider in the UK ecosystem, I’m really looking forward to being a part of both this event and also watching the UK take its place on the international esports map in 2018. It’s now down to all of us in the UK to work together and make the most of the opportunities this year will bring.” 

Jurre Pannekeet, Newzoo

Another industry figure who’s gearing up to speak at the event is Jurre Pannekeet, Head of Esports at Newzoo, who said this to say: “The ESI Birmingham is the perfect opportunity to understand the opportunity of the UK esports market and its fans. The UK market has huge latent potential that it will fulfill in the coming years.”

So, what exactly do you get when you attend ESI Birmingham? Your day will be full of panels and keynotes, and the opportunity to network in the evening over a few drinks.

Panels and sessions

Community, the lifeblood of all things gaming

Speakers include:

  • Jonathan Tilbury, Executive Director at NSE
  • Heather Dower, Marketing and Communications Manager at ESL UK
  • Chris Murphy, Associate Producer of Square Enix Collective
  • Chris Archambault, Influence & Esport Manager at Jagex Ltd
  • Jon Winkle, Managing Director at epic.LAN

Kicking off the agenda at 10:15am, this panel concentrates on the origins of esports and why it has stuck around for so many years.

ESL UK & Intel Keynote

Listen intently to the wealth of experience and knowledge from figures behind one of the biggest esports companies in the world, ESL. The likes of James Dean, Managing Director of ESL UK, and soon-to-be-confirmed members of Intel are set to deliver this keynote.

UK Esports, a land of opportunity

Speakers include:

  • Roy Meredith, Senior Business Development Manager at West Midlands Growth Company
  • Dr Florian Block, Research Fellow at DCLabs, University of York
  • Ben Woodward, Co-founder of Code Red Esports

This panel will take to the current UK structure and systems with a magnifying glass to see how it enables localised activations and events.

Elusive yet highly interactive, understanding the demographic

Speakers include:

  • Jurre Pannekeet, Head of Esports at Newzoo
  • Dan Matson, Director at AMP Global Media

Of course players and owners are crucial to the esports industry, but you can’t forget the fans. This panel discusses the audiences that comprise the fandom and how best to interact with them.

PwC Keynote

A special keynote from many influential figures that make up PwC, you’ll hear from the following:

  • Morgan Furby, Partner
  • Mette Müller, Partner
  • Clive Reeves, Manager Sports Business Advisory
  • Adam Edelshain, Director
  • Andrew Fahey, Director

Where is the revenue?

Speakers include:

  • Mathew Kemp, Senior Product Manager at Jagex
  • Fred Weil, Partnerships Manager at Fnatic
  • Tim Mangnall, Director at Hugh Holland
  • Mark Reed, Founder at Heaven Media
  • Malte Barth, Head of Esports at MTG

Marketing, advertising, and sponsorship make up the bulk of esports, but it’s important to understand the potential of a return in all mediums: short, medium, and long term.

Sam Cooke, Managing Director at Esports Insider added: “This is our first event outside of London and we’re delighted to be doing it in partnership with the likes of ESL UK, Intel, PwC and NEC Group.

“Once again we’ve got a top set of speakers and discussions, and for anyone in and around esports, or that wants to find out what it’s all about, this event is for you. As has become an ESI standard, the fun will continue till late with the official after party, drinks included. We’ll also have backstage tours on the Friday morning (first come, first served) making it a pretty special combined event for attendees with special access to the UK’s first major.”

Esport Insider guarantees nothing but quality from the speakers and sessions at ESI Birmingham, and wholeheartedly welcome anybody who’s contemplating making the jump into esports with open arms…

Ready to buy tickets? They’re available here, but hurry, there’s not long left!