, Tencent Games partner for Ring of Elysium channel

Blockchain entertainment platform has entered a partnership with Tencent Games to host a 24/7 channel for the developer’s new Battle Royale game, Ring of Elysium.

The channel will utilise Theta rewards, a system created by which includes interactive elements that allow viewers to earn Theta tokens. From there, tokens can be traded for in-game items.

Mitch Liu, CEO and Co-founder of commented on the partnership: “Our partnership with Tencent Games will help us to continue to drive interactive esports by featuring exciting content from Ring of Elysium. Combined with our unique Theta rewards and blockchain technology, users become part of the esports experience, driving greater engagement and retention for our partners and games.”

Ring of Elysium is a free-to-play Battle Royale game that launched on Steam in September. While it’s not as big as Fortnite, Blackout, or PUBG, it’s slowly amassing a competitive player base and audience. Streamers that represent the likes of FaZe Clan, Method, and NRG Esports will all be featured on the 24/7 channel.

A representative for Tencent Games added: “We’re excited to be partnering with and bringing unique Theta rewards to Ring of Elysium players. We want viewers to be able to become part of the esports experience, and will be able to do so with the interactive esports channel with”

In April, partnered with Twitch to bring its Tilted Trivia extension to the streaming platform, allowing viewers to play live by contributing Twitch Bits. Users answer a variety of questions that are tailored to the streamer and game they’re watching at the time.

Esports Insider says: There are a lot of opportunities to increase engagement with a reward system, and we expect this to be put to the test by Tencent Games for its new title. It’s no real surprise to see the partnership being based around a Battle Royale game when you consider the current popularity of the genre.

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